Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Weaving a roof...

This week we finally began work on weaving a roof for Hans' new little house. The material we are using is sugar cane leaf, paja in the local language. It is amazing and beautiful, i hope i can post a photo soon! We have a couple of local artisans here weaving the 'paja' and all the volunteers are taking turns wetting down the grass and passing it up or working up on the roof getting hands on experience in how to weave a thatch roof. Next week we are all going to go get into the cane field and harvest more leaf, then try our hands at a new bathroom roof before going on to roof the whole dining table and, while we are at it, create an artistic and functional new table to replace our now very old wooden table. Made as organically as we can manage from materials harvested on and near the farm! yeah!
This sort of roofing material and installation is getting to be a lost art. It used to be most houses here were roofed in paja, now cement or clay tiles is much more popular. But as I understand it, the woven roof will last between 5 and 10 years and the ones I have seen do not leak. It does take a strong pitch to the roof, but it works! And its really inexpensive. And, most importantly, it is so attractive. There are 5 volunteers here working with 2-4 maestros.
Other happenings on the farm, tomorrow we start a short 'camp' experience for a few local kids. Our focus this year is music! There is a woman here who is a band teacher, so we are breaking out the insruments, including a large marimba and trombone and flutes and hope to have a song or 2 to sing and play by next week! This is so much fun, we get to play all morning, eat and have a swim with the kids, help them gather fruits to go home with and its called work! Loving life in paradise this week, come and join us! PEACE! Tina