Thursday, April 10, 2014

Living in paradise!

This is from Avalenture's web site for volunteers! Just thought I'd share it here!

Location: Loja, Ecuador 
Minimum Stay: 2 weeks
Languages: Spanish, English, a little of almost all others and the unspoken languages we all share

Neverland farm. biodynamic community and farm
"Living amongst people who are sharing and loving life communally!"

This is the Deal

Neverland accepts students, interns, apprentices, volunteers and families from all over the world. Volunteering at Neverland isn't a 'number of work hours required' kind of place, nor a business that has volunteers. You will be expected to live and laugh and work and play, sharing this community as a member for the time you are visiting. We eat meals communally. We share food and kitchen privileges, and economic booms and crashes. Everyone participates in the daily activities of a small but busy rural Ecuadorian farm. The farm does much outreach to the local community, teaching and with lots of hard work in service to our local community (built a preschool classroom, participated in building new church tower, community center w free internet and agricultural resource center, multi use sports courts, going to neighboring farms to make compost and work organically, helping other abled neighbors get to medical resources...). 
And there is always something to do on the farm, large orchards to care for and harvest, gardens to be weeded, pastures to be weeded, goat and cow milking, making cheeses, producing amazing meals, working with horses, burros, pigs and chickens, did i menion some weeding?! Its an experience in sustainable and shared community and life. Join us for a while!


The farm is located in Tumianuma in the parish of Vilcabamba in the province of Loja, Ecuador. We are exactly located in the Valley of Chirusco, on either side of the quebrada (year round creek) Condorhuana (quichua for where the condors live). We have waterfalls and nice cold water natural jacuzzis in several places. We are rich in water! We also have a great outdoor hot shower.
The farm has a large community kitchen, fully stocked with stainless and cast iron pots and pans and baking pans- everything needed to prepare fabulous food for many! Our houses are mostly outdoorsy, very rustic, truly nothing to write home about, but we ONLY sleep there! The rest of the time we are outside- in the fields or the creek, at the kitchen or milking the cow or goats... Outdoor showers and bathrooms, composting and flush! We were nominated for best poo with a view for 2013!

What Else

We ask all volunteers to participate economically, currently at 50 usd a week. This helps maintain the farm for all and keeps us in hot water, great food and clean linens and keeps our community service work going as well. We eat like royalty most days. Ecuadorians are especially encouraged to visit and we can often offer economic assistance for them.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Web site in GERMAN!!
Gracias Dirk!!!