Saturday, May 17, 2014


We had an extremely productive day with the ministry of Ag consultant here Tuesday demonstrating the making of an herbal foliage feed /fertilizer, made with only grown on the farm aromatic herbs. We finished with an hour long BD stir to help activate those herbs, which our Ing Luis really liked. Then everyone learned to take soil samples as a US scientist has offered us detailed analysis for all participants in our group. Really happy day- 12 Ecuadorian participants, 4 foreigners. As much as I like and need foreigners here to support this vision and community service work, I have to admit I love these numbers! The next session isJune 10 if any of you folks want to attend and learn some cafe growing skills. We will be reviewing our compost mixes and planning and demonstrating cafe planting. There will be discussion on planting areas and permaculture design aspects of creating a permaculture cafe plantation. This a monthly thing for the local people that I'm hosting, and using as a perfect opportunity to introduce Organics, Permaculture, and BD concepts to our neighborhood cafe group. Having the Engineer lecture and allow me join in discussions with my neighbors about how to avoid chemicals and be true to nature, and demonstrating organic methods that they have to do on their own land to continue to participate has been a dream come true. Attendance has been increasing monthly and I feel that we are all truly learning together. And learning much more than cafe planting! We are creating a team, we are supporting each other in word and deed. I am loving it!